It’s Winter Solstice! Ideas of Indoor Family Activities

Inside activities
Blanket fort

I can’t believe it is winter solstice!

You are probably safe inside at home trying to figure out creative ideas on what to do with your kids, just like me.

Below you’ll find a list of indoor and outdoor projects to try this winter while we are still maintaining social distance due to COVID-19.


To try indoors:

Get out some blankets and cushions and create a blanket fort in your living room.

Make some puppets and create a show. Maybe, create a play for Xmas eve?

Make fairy houses.

Raid your recycling box and invite your kids to create a cardboard city.

Hide “treasure” all over your home and invent clues to bring your treasure-hunters closer or farther away from the surprise.

Have a bake-off challenge between siblings, or even mom vs. child!

Smoothie Challenge. Find out who’s got the perfect recipe!

Slime it up! A rather slippery slime over dough? Bubbling slime? There are so many possibilities!

Sensory boxes! Grab some plastic bins and fill them with rice, beans, buttons, beads… And hide your favorite toys inside and let the kids dig!

Challenge your children to draw a picture and then make it come alive with materials from your house or backyard.

Get the lyrics of your favorite songs – on your phone – and sing!


To try outdoors:

Prepare the garden for planting.

Build a slackline!

Get into a potato sack race with a few old pillowcases.

Three-legged races: team up adult and child and see who wins!

Egg race: a few spoons and a few hard-boiled eggs and a relay!

Make giant wands and homemade bubbles mixed with some dishwasher detergent. Chase them. Pop them.

Decorate a shoebox and go on an adventure collecting favorite rocks, acorns, twigs, pinecones.

Play balloon tennis. No racquets? Use your hands.

And of course, make a snow-man!

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