How can I control my lupus symptoms?

Lupus symptoms
Lupus symptons in winter


Lupus is a lifelong disease that can affect many parts of your body. But, many women with lupus live long, healthy lives when following the recommendation of experts. You can take steps to control your symptoms, prevent lupus flares, and cope with the challenges of lupus – one day at a time.

The best way to keep your lupus under control is by following your treatment plan, knowing your body, and taking care of yourself.

For me, yoga and meditation have helped me a lot with self-awareness and knowing my body. Here are some ideas that I have adopted:

1 Learn how to tell that a flare is coming: you feel more tired, pain, rash, fever, stomach ache, severe headache land dizziness – stop and take care of yourself.

2 See your doctors regularly. Don’t miss the appointments, and get your blood drawn before you see your specialist.

3 Reduce stress by setting realistic goals for yourself. Don’t overdo.

4 Limit the time you spend in the sun and in fluorescent and halogen light.

5 Consider taking a vitamin D supplement. Ask your doctor.

6 Eat a healthy diet – low in sugar, dairy, and gluten. Remember: food is the fuel for your cells. We are what we eat.

7 Ask your doctor about alcohol and lupus. In my experience, alcohol is a big NO!

8 Don’t smoke.

9 Get enough sleep and rest. Every night!

10 Exercise often. Talk to your doctor and find out what’s OK.

11 Build a support system made up of people you trust and can help you.

12 Ask for help!

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