Autumn Farewell

Autumn landscape

I have written in the last weeks that my sense of time has shifted.

Days pass, but the sense of nothing changing gives a very awkward feeling. While we have a routine at home, it is strange to see that we live a life where we spin a wheel that does not move forward.

I am busy taking care of my health, my family, and my home. The number of activities is not small and does not stop growing.

The stress level is significant as we continue to adapt to the constant constraints of COVID-19 and the pressure of the new political environment. So, why do I feel like a little guinea pig inside a cage?

The current environment feels like I am inside a video game on level-1. As I finish the level and conquer all the tasks, I go back to level-1 again and have to do it all over again. The fall season is almost over, and we almost couldn´t see it pass.

We must take a break. Although we cannot have a regular walk with our friends, we can find an isolated place between nature to smell the fresh air, see the green and renew our energies.

When I made these videos, I experienced so much gratitude and joy that I didn´t have felt in months. Perhaps you can also say goodbye to fall enjoying a solitude and quiet time in nature? It is important that we maintain our mental balance…

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