What Can You Let Go?

let go and lupus

Letting Go

I can’t believe we are in December. For Christians, it means we started the advent phase, which is counting down to Jesus’ birth. That also allows us to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

For me, these weeks have always been a time for reflection. It’s closing a cycle. The year ending, it is an excellent opportunity to recap what happened in my life for the past 12 months.

This was a year of letting go. A year in which I finally dared to move on from my old identity and endeavor a new phase of my life. A year I quit my long-lasting job and hit a pause of my professional career. A year I restructured my personal life routine, my expectations, adjusted my diet, and include more time at the gym.

I had to find new doctors and created a new support system. I had to broaden my spiritual side, end and start new friendships, find new areas of interest, and wisely spend more time protecting my health.

A friend of mine posed me a challenge. She is a very spiritual person, some may call her a medium, a priestess.

She suggested me to let go *at least* an important thing for 30 consecutive days. It has to be something meaningful and ingrained in my life, something I cared for and looked for. It could include something I eat or drink, a daily habit like putting on make-up or retiring a negative emotion or pattern that I was not right to me.

Three: The Magic Number

As a warrior with a competitive mind, I decided to find three things to let go of. I love number 3. It’s an easy way to structure my thoughts and remember what needs to get done. It is a number that gives me a sense of balance, grounding.

It took me a few days to come up with a decision about what to do and identify three things that were part of me. The challenge of letting go was harder than I thought. Changing is not easy, and we can’t take it for granted.

Ultimately, I draw three different areas of my life that I wanted to focus on:

  1. Physical health
  2. Emotional health
  3. My self-image

For the physical aspect of my life, I decided to start a cleanse monitored by a doctor. That was puzzling to my naturopath, as I already eat a pretty clean diet. Nevertheless, I had never done a formal program that intends to clean the gut. I thought it could help me feel more energetic, and better control some of my lupus flares.

For the emotional health side, I decided to surrender and let go of my short-term dream of going back to work. That was especially tricky as my decision came in tandem with the calls from three different headhunters offering me very yummy positions. Saying ‘no’ was a life test, to say the least. It was a significant loss for me. Making that decision took all the energy I had.

Finally, for the self-image! Maybe it’s only me, but every time I need to close a life chapter and move on, I go to the hairdresser and have a radical change in my looks. So, I did! I colored it lighter and included more highlights. Ta-da big change!

Life is always full of beginnings and ends, and I believe that to have something new come to us, we need to let go of something we don’t need anymore. We need to help good energy flow in our lives. Letting go creates space for something better to come.

What about you? Which things or habits don’t serve you anymore? Are you able to let go of anger, loss, love, guilt, and start a new you? Are you ready to recap and let go?

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