Rule of Three


When I got up this morning, I began thinking about all the choices I make every day. Life fills our days with so many options that we forget to take chances and try new things.

Force of habit is a double-edged knife. While my instinct helps me think faster, potentially avoid previous mistakes, and optimize what needs to get done, it can also blindside me. Life has changed, and so have I.

The Door

During summer, I was on vacation with my beloved ones and family in Brazil.

Not the usual cold, such as in the Northwestern shores where the Pacific Ocean brings the freezing wind, and I need to wear sweatshirts even on a sunny day.

Brazil is warm most of the year. The hot breeze starts in the morning as the sun begins shining early in the day and brings warmth to everyone outside.

I grew up in a place where I could enjoy nature and spent my childhood weekends running around, playing until dawn and having fun. I was lucky enough to have a loving family that was able to take care of me.

If Not Now When?

It has been years since we moved to the States. Two decades to be precise.

Since then, priorities change, I started my adult life with a home, a husband, kids, a dog, and a full-time job. No more weekends to play around, but instead, my time was optimized to run all the errands I could not cover during the evenings. Routine and responsibilities filled all the space I had left.

Suddenly small life pleasures slipped and what I wanted to do became a second priority. At a given point, I even forgot what I really enjoyed doing, eating, and going.

I know that growing up brings changes. Changes push new habits, and our choices become our lives. Then, we are a totally different person with a different mindset.

I used to spend hours and days doing unpleasant chores, and unable to make time to activities that added to my happiness.

Each one of us chooses how to live every single day and how to see the world.

I want to be happy and content with what life offers me. When I look in the mirror, I want to feel proud of who I became. I want to apply all my past experiences to be a better human being. I want to enjoy the beauty, joy, and hidden blessings around me despite living with a chronic disease.

When one has lupus, it becomes harder not to fall into the trap of darkness and loneliness. People often have a hard time understanding what this means. Looking at the bright side can sometimes become a massive effort when facing a flare. Nevertheless, focusing on small gifts in life can turn things around. Simple pleasures can warm our hearts, put a happy smile back on our faces, and help things get more comfortable.

It all starts within.

TLC and The Rule of Three

I invite you today to identify three things ( or people ) that make your life happier.

Do three things that make you and another person happy.

Identify 3 things you are grateful for. Can you imagine how many little things we take for granted every day and would be missed if we didn’t have them anymore?

After that, let me know what you feel. Hopefully, this exercise will make you feel better!

Yours truly,


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One thought on “Rule of Three

  1. No meu caso as tres “coisas” que escolheria da minha vida não são coisas, são valores…
    1- Fé
    2- Família
    3- Saúde
    Por isso fico atenta, pois a vida sem esses itens não seria fácil…

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