Is This Real?

Harmony and reality

Is This Real?

For many of us, to believe something is real, we have to be able to touch or see it. Well, not for me anymore.

In my case, I can connect with the energy fields around me. I can feel if there is something positive or negative going on, even when I cannot explain it using my five senses.

This week, I had a couple of exciting experiences with energy healing and the unconscious side of my mind. As I keep searching for more tools to conquer inner peace and contentment during a flare, a dear friend of mine, invited me to try something different.

Kerry Cadambi ( )does various types of energy healing, and I didn’t know what to expect from the option she had in mind. She is my Reiki Master and has helped me a few times before I finally decided to take the next step and get my Reiki certification.

The Beginning

She has a cozy, beautiful room that she calls her office. We sat at comfy chairs, and we kick-started the process. The first technique she used on me is called Psych-K is a practice that stimulates and integrates both hemispheres of the brain, then identifies, removes blockages and limiting beliefs that are inhibiting the self-healing ability of our body and mind. It’s a powerful process that helps change things that are sabotaging our wellbeing.

As an engineer, I became a pragmatic and rational person. Nevertheless, my emotions have guided me several times when making a decision.

As she was ‘doing muscle testing’ on me, I noticed how my body was responding to the questions she was asking without me having to think. The immediate reaction was something natural, and a strange dialog began.

Many authors today describe different effects of our emotions in our bodies, even mentioning that some organs are closely connected to a given one.

That happened right there. Words popped up in my mind, describing what was blocking my wellbeing and causing physical pain. With a series of questions, I started to identify some of my inner mysteries, secret feelings that I have to work on.

Good Vibes Only, Please

In my view, having an autoimmune disease means sometimes having to think outside the box, more holistically. Look for paths that are yet to be part of academic science. Don’t get me wrong, I love my trusted rheumatologist and follow all her directions. But as she knows, all my flares have been triggered by emotions that ended up shaking my core.

Western medicine helps control my condition, but it does not treat the cause, which is what I need. To find my way out of lupus, I need to know why I got in in the first place.


After the fantastic Psych-K session, we had a sound healing exercise with a crystal bowl, and I had never seen anything like that!

In a matter of seconds, a soothing, loud sound filled up the entire room and brought a vibration similar to what I feel when I meditate. That was unexpected! Beyond that, the beauty of the sound seemed to have color, shape, as it navigated through her office.

After 60 min, I got out of the healing session, knowing more about myself than when I arrive. I learned about what is blocking my energy flow, and things I can do work on to avoid future flares.

My belief if I want different results, I must do things differently. So, my question to you today is: do you know what is blocking your happiness? Can you surrender to it?

Wishing you a safe journey finding your way to inner peace and healing.

Yours truly,


Acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality, it brings something entirely new into this world. That peace, a subtle energy vibration, is consciousness. – Eckhart Tolle


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