Do Gems Have Healing Powers?

gemstone and healing lupus
gemstone and healing lupus

Gemstones and Healing

Regardless of the belief people may have about gemstones – magical, psychic energy, healing, or none; I decided to get a book about them.
My interest grew when a couple of weeks ago. During a Reiki session, I suddenly felt the urge to include a gemstone in my energy work.

Crystal Power

I have admired semi-precious stones but have not studied them. They are beautiful, attractive, and spark my curiosity. Nature is so powerful and creates incredible mineral sculptures in different shapes and forms.

My initial interest glittered when I began looking for alternative types of treatment for lupus. I wanted to investigate healing technics that could work in conjunction with the traditional treatment I follow at the hospital. I came with an open mind, and my initial options included energy work, biofeedback, diet, exercises, spiritual practice, aromatherapy, colors, and stones.

Gems have been used in ancient civilizations, going back to the Celts thousands of years ago. From kings to priests, we see their power and beauty combined with spirituality and nature.

Reaching Out

My desire to add a gemstone to the healing session I was in, made me decide to dive into the ocean of information available about hundreds of rocks that we have around us.

To my surprise, I saw so many types, colors, and names that I had never heard before. Besides the status and charm that some of them bring, there is the aspect of vibration. Each stone has a specific vibe that can influence people and the environment around them.

Everything we see and know in Nature is energy. Each type of energy has a specific vibration.

While what the FDA has not recognized gemstones healing potential, my opinion is there is more to life and cure than what the science eyes can see today.

Spirituality, Healing, and Stones

Spirituality has been a vital piece of my recovery and remission process. Faith, meditation, and hope help keep my mind centered, and emotions under control. With lupus, too much of anything can spark a flare, any type of stress ( happiness or sadness ) can trigger pain.

In external situations that I have no control, the only thing I can manage is what I choose to think and how I experience it.


Combing a mindful intention with the vibration of a particular stone seems to enhance the possibilities of achieving what we want. I know our minds create things all the time. At a split of a second, we can modify how we feel or how we perceive reality.

With our thoughts and emotions, we can speed our breathing, accelerate our heartbeat, or create our very own heaven or hell. We are building with our minds the peace or struggle we are.

So, if the theory is with the right mindset and stone, we can potentially amplify our willpower, what did I have to lose? If it can be used as a magnifying glass that we can enhance positive energy around me and help me feel better, why not?

So, maybe you feel like exploring different things, learn something completely new, or perhaps curious about alternative healing technics.

Why not take a pick online, and check for what is out there? Learning is always fun and keeps our minds busy thinking in positive stuff.

I listed below a few crystal options connected to each chakra, but there are others available. Note, I am not an expert by no means, but hopefully, it will inspire you to be one! Enjoy!

  • Red Jasper, Garnet (Root Chakra)
  • Tiger’s Eye, Amber (Sacral Chakra)
  • Yellow Jasper, Citrine (Solar Plexus)
  • Green Aventurine, Jade, Peridot (Heart Chakra)
  • Sodalite, Turquoise (Throat Chakra)
  • Lapis Lazuli, Saphire (Third-eye Chakra)
  • Amethyst, Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra)

Did anyone of them catch your eye?



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2 thoughts on “Do Gems Have Healing Powers?

  1. Great read! I’ve had Lupus for almost 8 years now. Completely agree with your perspective. The same source that created the body can heal the body. And it works best when we create a healthy environment physically, mentally, and spiritually to support the healing process. With your experience thus far, are there any specific stones that stand out to you best in conjunction with healing frequencies? Sending much love and support.

    1. Hi Erica! I love a Russian stone called Shungite, have you ever heard about it? Shungite is said to be very powerful in protecting and healing. I wear a Shungite bracelet, as well as my kids. For the home, I have ametist around the house ( I got two big ones ), and a small one under the bed. It helps awake our higher self, and help identify and treat negative emotions. Remember you can charge them with your intention, and clean then during the full moon. What is your favorite stone? Sending you lots of healing hugs and much love!!

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