10 Ways to Be Unstoppable

be an unstopabble lupus warrior

10 Ways to Be Unstoppable

Earlier this week, a friend of mine told me the history of a cancer survivor. While that young woman has been through a huge amount of emotional and physical challenges, she has been able to live her life with optimism, while inspiring others.

That made me think about why some people are just like that. Which qualities do they carry that can turn their odds around, and make things work?

I listed 10, but maybe there are many more. Nevertheless, how wonderful would be to follow this girl’s lead and carry every life hurdles like a champion?

  1. Look at your glass as if it is always full. It can be full of water, air, or wine. Each one of us can choose to fill it up with whatever we want. It’s on us to decide what gets inside and what stays out. Nevertheless, we will always have to sip from what we picked, and that’s the trick. The key to success is to choose your thoughts carefully. What we pour in becomes who we are and what we believe.
  2. Tomorrow is a new day. Learn from previous blunders. Only people who try, make mistakes. Venturing the new and unknown requires courage. We don’t know what we don’t know, and it becomes hard to control any brand-new situation. Oh well, this is called life. At the end of the day, it does not matter how many times we fall, but how many times we stand up and fight.
  3. Smile and move on. How many times have you survived a curveball from life, a given situation that you thought – ‘what do I do now’? There are times when we all feel trapped, corned, and afraid, but running away is not an option in life. The only way to change a situation is by facing it. We are all here, despite all the challenges we’ve experienced. Be strong and persevere. The fire of victory is inside our souls, and just need a quick spark to light up. So, give another try. Life is 99% sweat and 1% of luck. Failure doesn’t define us. Sometimes things do not happen as we wanted, but what matters is that we tried our best.
  4. Be grateful. Live life with the eyes of a child. Joy, curiosity, stamina, excitement. Look around and appreciate all the beauty around as if you were seeing it for the first time. Be present, laugh off your mistakes, stand up tall after a fall, and go back to the sandbox.
  5. Give more and ask for less. Adjust your expectations. One can only receive when one knows how to give.
  6. Have faith. There are things we cannot control in life. For me, believing in a superior force that loves me and takes care of me enhances my optimism. Sometimes, all I can do is my best and trust the laws of the universe. Life always brings back what we give, so eventually, we will ripe what we sow.
  7. Appreciate the lesson, and respect the teacher. We all have our differences, and many times the most important lessons come from those who don’t like us very much. With sharp edges, their words may cut our skin and leave deep emotional wounds. We cannot control what other people do or say. So, use your judgment to validate if that is really true. If it is valid, take the lesson. If not, respect their opinion and move on.
  8. Embrace adversity. Learn from the past without carrying the heavy load of grief. Life is a journey.
  9. Ask for help, we are on this together. Many times, we just need to raise our hands. Showing our vulnerable side is hard, and actually shows strength and courage according to Brené Brown, Ph.D. ( Power of Vulnerability TED Talk). Knowing our limits is a powerful talent, a critical surviving tool. We cannot be everything for everyone, nor understand it all. Enjoy the ride, and be grateful to have people around who may know things you don’t and are willing to help you.
  10. Simplify your life, we should be our best friends. Unclutter your thoughts and leave the bad emotional trash behind. How many times do we overcomplicate situations, makeup stories that are not true? It’s on us to put an end to what not serves us anymore.

What about you? What makes you unstoppable?

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