10 Rules to Align Your Life in a New Way

never give up, inspired by Elmar Rassi
These 10 guidelines can help us rethink our daily lives and live more positively.


I received this text while doing my Ayurvedic detox at the Mandira Ayurvedic Spa. These 10 rules is from Elmar Rassi – from the book Schweine Glück, which is only available in German.

I wanted to share with you all because I believe it can help each one of us no matter what journey we are in.

This content is very much in alignment with Ayurvedic beliefs and my journey. My lifestyle, thoughts, and actions directly impact my mental and physical health.

10 rules to align our lives in a different, more positive way…

  1. Be mindful of every moment because this is where we get our strength and power.
  2. Observe your thoughts and reframe them positively.
  3. Be grateful for everything that is in your life.
  4. Find the good in the challenging moments.
  5. Never give up.
  6. Let go of the fear.
  7. Find out what you need to feel better.
  8. Find your inner motivation and let the outer world motivate you.
  9. Let go of things that are taking their happiness from you.
  10. Yank the walls down in be your authentic self.

These rules made me think about the invisible walls and stories we create in our life that inhibit us to live every day wholeheartedly. When we face uncertainty whatever it is – lupus or nonlupus related; many people shut down instead of surrendering.

Elmar’s thoughts are important to make us more aware of who we are and our ongoing choices – simple or complex. Our life reflects what we think as a powerful mirror, therefore what we think creates our life.

Finding the good side of every experience can be hard, very hard at least for me. How take something good when we lose someone we love or cannot spend time with our beloved ones because we are sick?

I have been learning to appreciate the good moments and save them like a treasure in my heart as these memories lift me up when I need comfort. I have learned that everything passes – good and hard moments.

Suffering, loss, and pain teach us strength, resilience, discipline, and patience. As we walk through the paths in life, we can grow to become better people, inspiring ourselves and others to make sounder choices.

Spirituality and faith have brought peace into my life. I cannot explain things with my eyes, but I can feel them with my heart and soul.

We cannot change people, situations and facts around us, but we can change how we deal with them, and this small adaptation of verbs can greatly impact our lives.

Fighting and complaining about what we cannot control is unfruitful, but letting life be our professor and embracing every moment with an open heart, can open gates we didn’t know existed before.

Find out what you need to feel better inside and do things that motivate you – be the CEO of your life.

We all need a sense of purpose to feel valued and strong. That answer is hidden inside each of us, but we must look for it.

Much love.









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