Polyphenols-rich Smoothie

Polyphenols-rich Smoothie


I posted some weeks ago about polyphenols – what they are and which foods are rich in them. Despite that, you know that I am all about fiber and greens- and all kinds of anti-inflammatory food because of Lupus.


Putting it all together, I felt inspired to create a polyphenol-rich smoothie to support my gut and condition synergistically. I capitalized the polyphenol-rich produce, seeds, and spices.


Kelly LeVeque inspired me for this Polyphenol Party Smoothie. She posted on her Instagram a mix-up of her favorite cookies and cream fab for a smoothie but with extra bonus points. The recipe is:


1 organic chocolate-flavored protein made with cacao serving;

1 tablespoon of rosemary-infused nut butter

2 tablespoon of chia or basil (both are rich in polyphenols)

handful leafy greens

1/2 cup of blueberries

a shake of turmeric, clove and

1 tablespoon of cacao nibs


Mix everything in a blender, and it’s ready! For more healthy and easy recipes, check here.

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