Fiber-licious Chia Pudding recipe to support your gut

Chia pudding


On Monday, I posted about the gut microbiome – our second brain – and how eating correctly can influence our entire health. This is an issue that concerns me, especially after I found out I have lupus. For people with autoimmune diseases, maintaining a healthy gut microbiota – and consequently immune system – is critical!


And did I mention that our diet changes the balance of our gut microbiota within 24 hours, meaning it’s never too late to start making good dietary choices?


In summary, diverse, organic whole food choices harmonize the gut microbiome, whose molecular signals positively influence the host’s immune system, reduce oxidative stress, and increase antioxidant levels. It’s essential to take care of the body that so wonderfully takes care of us.


Thinking about that, here’s an easy and healthy recipe that supports your microbiome!:


Fiber-licious Chia Pudding




2-3 Tbsp. organic chia seeds.

1 cup fresh organic coconut or plant milk of choice.

Pureed date,  honey, or maple syrup to taste.




Add all ingredients in a wide-mouth glass jar or bowl.

Cover and put in the refrigerator for 4 or more hours, until set.

Serve alone or with fruit.

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