Project 20|20 – Week 9: Recycling Reality

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Project 20|20 – Week 9: Transforming Reality

On my week 8 blog, A Surprising Way to Better Your Days, I talked about ways to improve our life by adjusting patterns and habits.

What we think, say, and do send a message to the Universe and turn into the reality we live in. 

Many times, we pay more attention to what we don’t want or like, instead of focusing on what we need. Guess what? it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This week, I want to continue to talk about our own reality, and how we can transform our perspective when looking at something.

Life is full of stuff we do not control. That said, there is a critical one we do – our thoughts. Nobody regulates what we think, but us. We can improve our quality of life starting by adjusting what we believe, and the way we face day-to-day hurdles. Why not begin it today?

Changing our mindset is easier to say than do. Nevertheless, we have seen many people succeed in the past, and that shows that through method and discipline, it can be accomplished. Sick people overcome impossible diagnoses, addictions are broken, souls are saved. 


While I was reading an Egyptian myth, I started thinking about the truth behind it. The goddess Isis rescued the body of her husband, Osiris which was cut into many pieces. Osiris was an important god, and responsible for fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion (Wikipedia). 

This myth is a long story, but at a certain part of it, the goddess Isis needs to look for all her husband’s pieces and put them back together to bring him back to life. These parts were all over the Nile River, in muddy and dark areas distant from each other. She looked for each one of them patiently, and after she found them all. Them she was able to bring him back to life and bear their child – Orus.

If she had not persisted in looking for all his pieces, she would not have been able to make him whole again.

Making The Choice

Reality and us

The reality is nobody can limit you. There is nobody who can damage you. Your existence is not bound in time and space. You always have a choice of how you project your mind. – Yogi Bhajan

How many times do we choose not to look into the dark sides of ourselves or our lives, avoiding things we don’t like?

This myth represents us. It reminds us of the importance of embracing who we are, picking up our pieces, and love even our most dark emotions within us, hidden intentionally or not. Without that, we cannot see the real meaning of life, not live.

So What About This Week?

I invite you to focus on the pieces usually hidden, the ones you are not proud and don’t want to show on FB nor IG.

This is the dark side we don’t take selfies nor publish in our yearbook, moments we want to run from, but for sure could be tools to teach us something remarkable.

  • Choose a challenging moment this week. What is life trying to teach you? Patience, courage, resilience, faith? If you believe in God, how can you see Him in this challenging moment?
  • Write a paragraph about how your vulnerability means courage.
  • With no judgment, embrace your dark side, your emotions. What does it show you? Can you embrace this part with unconditional love, without blame or fear?

On the same side, look for moments life empowered you this week.

  • List your blessings every day this week.
  • Be a loving listener to yourself.
  • Write 10 things you did that made you proud.

Trust your gut feeling. Follow your heart. We always win when we love ourselves.

Enjoy the template – Recycling Reality – I created, so you can organize your thoughts.

Recycling Reality

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