I am officially a nutritional therapist!

I am officially a nutritional therapist!

I am super excited!


I recently finished my course in Nutritional Therapy at the International Integrative Institute!


It was a 1-year course-  where we studied the foundations of digestions; blood sugar, mineral, and fatty acid balance; hydration functions and best practices; how weaknesses in these foundations lead to degenerative health problems; and how restoring balance improves overall health and how to do that.


My professor was KP Khalsa, an acclaimed Ayurvedic teacher with more than 50 years of practice here and in India. The program is approved by the National Association of Nutritional Professionals.


Its four terms included Assessment techniques; physical health and fitness; biochemical and pathophysiology of foods; Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine/herbalism; business practice and ethics; nutritional research and resources; nutritional counseling; and buying, cooking, and storing food.


One aspect that I liked the most was the study of Ayurvedic nutrition. Not only the role of supplements but also how Chinese and Ayurveda herbs combined with diet can revamp the health of the body and mind.


Last year, during the course, Ayurveda helped me not get sick, have more energy, and deal with my anxiety. Above all, it helped me during my COVID!!! My body and immunity were strong enough to fight the disease rapidly, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. That´s just one benefit that healthy nutrition can offer!


How are you taking care of your diet? While lupus does not have a cure yet, we can improve our quality of life by making little lifestyle choices every day.


Comment below if you would like me to write some nutritional and Ayurvedic tips!


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