21 reasons to eat real food

21 reasons to eat real food
21 reasons to eat real food


Eating real food is part of maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet, which is mandatory when you have an autoimmune disease, like lupus. Especially a chronic inflammatory disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis and colitis.


Real food is as close to its natural state as possible. It is primarily:


  • Unprocessed;
  • Free of chemical additives;
  • Rich in nutrients.


Processed foods, in other turns, have a lot of synthetic additives, like preservatives, acidulants, flavorings, and colorings. These substances intoxicate your body, especially your liver, causing inflammation and its symptoms.


However, since processed foods became popular in the 20th century, the Western diet has shifted more toward ready-to-eat meals. While processed foods are convenient, they can also potentially affect your health.


So following a diet based on real food may be one of the most important things you can do to help maintain good health. Here are 21 reasons to eat natural foods, according to Health Line:


  1. They are loaded with important nutrients;
  2. Low in sugar;
  3. Heart-healthy;
  4. Better for the environment;
  5. High in fiber;
  6. They help manage blood sugar;
  7. Are good for your skin;
  8. Help lower triglycerides;
  9. Provides variety;
  10. Costs less in the long run;
  11. Are high in healthy fats;
  12. May reduce disease risk;
  13. Contains antioxidants;
  14. Are good for your gut;
  15. May help prevent overeating;
  16. Promotes dental health;
  17. May help reduce sugar cravings;
  18. Sets a good example for other people;
  19. Gets the focus off dieting;
  20. Helps support local farmers;
  21. They are delicious!


That are scientific researches that support all the reasons mentioned above. You can read more by clicking here.


It is important to remember that real food is just one component of a healthy lifestyle. It’s also important to exercise as often as possible; lower your stress levels; maintain proper nutrition. But no doubt eating more real food will go a long way toward improving your health. If you have an inflammatory disease like me, it is mandatory!


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