Pause for COVID-19

coronavirus pandemic and life changes

Safe at Home

My family and I have been indoors for the past three weeks. For three weeks, the flow of time continued while part of our world stopped.

About 1/3 of the planet’s population has had to press the reset button, start a new routine, and implement a lifestyle that has never been experienced in this age.

I always like to ask ‘what for’ because of my faith. I believe in God and His superpowers of endless love and infinite perfection. My belief assures me that He is in control of all things, from the microscopic atom to the ever-expanding universe. So, the question is: why has a small virus (COVID-19) been able to completely halt the world in a way beyond what even a worldwide war has done?

It was inconceivable to think that something that we are unable to see infecting an unknown animal in the remote countryside of China would make toilet paper in the States disappear like magic. 

I want to get out of my skin and ask myself, “What if?” to understand why God has sent this micro, deadly, and powerful destroyer to our world. 

This event is so big that it hit the most significant economies of the modern world: the USA, China, Great Britain, Japan, and Germany. All at the same time. Not a missile, an atomic bomb, or a desert storm.

COVID-19 and the economy

What if life is giving us an opportunity to:

  1. Look for answers and happiness inside ourselves? Look at the mirror and learn to love ourselves more, accepting who we are, with our inner beauty and flaws, perfectly imperfect?
  2. Transform our house into a home? Enjoy simple family meals together and set movie nights, as a family, in the living room?
  3. Learn the names of our children’s friends, their dreams, preferences, and deepest fears? Help them heal their wounds by loving them more.
  4. Work through family issues, face hidden emotions, either by remediating them or letting go? 
  5. Break addictions and learn to love ourselves and preserve our fragile health?
  6. Pause and onserve how many hours we waste on social media?
  7. Value hugs and kisses, and treasure relationships? Now is a good time to reach out to family and friend and forgive, mend, or reconnect.
  8. Learn a brand-new skill, a different instrument? With no traffic jam to get sucked into every day, we all ‘gained’ minutes, maybe hours in our day. What are you doing with them?
  9. Discover what we really enjoy, maybe build a new path in our personal life and professional careers?
  10. Look at all the stuff we don’t use and donate to help others in need?

The world is on pause, and so am I. World leaders are choose saving lives over a robust economy. That is because all lives count; we are all connected—one world. More than ever. By staying at home, we can safeguard our health, as well as others.

Now, it is time to pause AND think. This reflection point is changing the world, and none of us will never be the same after this phase passes. We can become much better.

Yours truly,


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