My Best Friend Has Cancer

Cancer is many times invisible

My Best Friend Has Cancer

It was a big shock. Not the type of surprise that causes one to jump around in happiness. I lost my words, and my heart missed a beat. I saw her face when the doctor gave the diagnosis. Yes, her biggest fear was real and genuine.

In a beautiful hospital, three doctors talked for about 2 hours non-stop, describing the procedures, giving names of the processes and medications she would go through, and explaining things I couldn’t grasp. It was overwhelming.

Time stopped for me. I had my game face on as I held her hand, hoping she could not read my mind. She is fierce and brave, but fear and pain were visible in her eyes.

It’s Cancer

Her routine and priorities changed immediately. The doctors wanted to move fast.

Daily visits to the hospital, seeing multiple health practitioners, venturing new support tools to keep the emotions and physical body in check, and working to balance her mind instead of letting anxiety and sadness own her thoughts became even more essential to her lifestyle.

She was working on spending less time working and more time taking care of what matters the most – her physical and mental health. A new lifestyle immediately started: food, vitamins, therapy, and alternative medicine. It’s a beginner’s step into a new journey.

What Is Your Super Power?

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

For someone who believes that they have control of everything, a life-threatening diagnosis puts things into perspective. It shows that something else, something above us, holds the steering wheel of the universe.

Yes, I am 1000% sure she can do this. She is a black-belt fighter, has a winner’s mindset with a tremendous amount of energy and positiveness. I bet all I have on her. She got this!

I keep asking that question to myself. What now? What can I do to help, give courage, and hope when life takes an unexpected u-turn?

Just like lupus, her cancer is invisible to human eyes. She is an athlete who is in great shape and has a fantastic attitude. Nevertheless, her healthy lifestyle didn’t protect her from getting sick.

Amid her suffering, I can see friends building a safety net so she can feel secure enough during treatment. Love not alone warms her heart but also gives her the strength to keep up her positive attitude.

We are all connected by this extreme power called life. There is no need for social media because real love, respect, and kindness can extend to all places without the need for wi-fi.

As she moves from the treatment phase to surgery, I am sure the way she sees herself will change. Vulnerability shows our bravest sides.

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.” – Unknown

Today, she focuses on coping and healing her body with the help of her friends and doctors. She is taking one day and one step at a time. Tomorrow, she will add one more magic skill to her incredible set of tools-her ability to win cancer and appreciate the beauty life has to offer.

This cancer started a fight with the wrong person because she will kick its ass.

My dearest friend, I love you. I have your back. Always.

Yours truly,


“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven’t.” – Unknown

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