My Best Friend Has Cancer – 2

Cancer and Mindset

My Best Friend Has Cancer – 2

As I mentioned in my blog, “My Best Friend Has Cancer” back in June, I felt like a big truck has hit me on the face. I lost my groove, my usual smile, and felt overwhelmed.

Listening to the diagnosis was harder than learning about mine 7 years ago. My best friend with cancer is the person I love the most. It has not been easy to see her suffering.

Time Stopped For Me 

For a couple of weeks, I lost our rhythm at home. There was more silence than laughter. The vibe that once was light and happy turned into heaviness. For many days I asked myself where my faith and hope were? I keep talking about it, but amid the current bump in life, it’s easier to be said than done.

I had my game face on, but I know she can read my mind. She was afraid, and there was emotional pain in her beautiful eyes.

It’s Cancer. All Hands On Deck

My routine and priorities changed immediately. We included more sorts of anti-inflammatory foods in all meals included avocados, ginger, and various omega-3 rich foods such as salmon, olive oil, nuts, and seeds. There was lots of green tea and multiple supplements all day to help follow the guidance of an oncology naturopath.

She had twenty-five consecutive days of treatment in the hospital. Multiple caring nurses and doctors were there for her, even though they were exposing their health to the coronavirus.

She cut her working hours to only include mornings. Still, she kept engaged as it helped her focus on something positive. Afternoons and evenings were reserved for daily radiotherapy, rest, and reiki treatment. 

Help came from different places around the globe with their prayers and long-distance treatments. Dr. Adriana Vilela has been a great example of that type of help. She took care of her from miles away, monitoring the state of mind and body with a fantastic machine called SCIO. While I cannot explain what this incredible machine does, I can tell you that the results were immediately visible right after each treatment. 

It was intense, but we never lost hope in a great outcome and faith in God. We spent time taking care of what matters the most – our physical and mental health. Cancer is a family and friend’s illness. It impacts everyone, not only the person with the diagnosis.

The Big Lesson

For someone who believed she had control of everything, a life-threatening diagnosis showed that something above us holds the steering wheel of the universe. Beating cancer starts with the mindset; the most natural thing is to let fear eat our hope.

Yes, I am 1000% sure she will come out of this as a better person. She is a fighter, a winner with a tremendous amount of energy and positiveness. I know cancer knocked at the wrong door. 

Is There A Super Power?

I can’t explain if it were the prayers, the reiki, the creams (such as aloe, calendula, and grapeseed oil ) she used every day in the area – before, during, and after radiotherapy treatment started. The sessions didn’t burn her very white sensitive skin. We were told bad burns with blisters could happen, but no. I mean, there was literally no sign of radiotherapy at all. 

I keep asking that question to myself. How is that possible? The medical team was pleasantly surprised. For me, it may be all the courage, love, and hope we received during this unexpected u-turn.

Her cancer is invisible to naked eyes. Keeping a positive mindset and hope is critical to maintaining mental and physical health. We can’t let it happen.

To all the incredible friends and family who helped build a safety net so she could feel secure enough during treatment, I say thank you. My love and gratitude for you all is eternal. Your warmth has kept her heart and mindset strong to keep up a positive attitude. Thank you.

Our next milestone is surgery to remove the tumor. I am sure the way she sees herself will change again. Vulnerability is showing her bravest side, and I love seeing that.

My dearest friend, you are the love of my life, and I have your back. Today and always.

Yours truly,



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