Choose to Walk

Choose to Walk


Last week I posted about the Earth Hour and commented how contact with nature can be healing. How looking at a beautiful landscape can work miracles in our minds. The immensity of the ocean, the infinite green of the mountains, the peace of a wild animal left alone in its habitat, or the sky reflected in lake water can really put things in perspective.


We usually put ourselves in the center of the universe and tend to forget how giant our planet is and how we are just a part of it, connected to the others in a perfect balance. Well, the habit of walking can put us in contact with nature and become a sacred time where we can just be; no expectations, no worries, just a peaceful walk to clear and cleanse our minds.


I’m writing about walking this week because it’s incredibly simple, yet an effective way of achieving so much of the medicine we all need right now, as the pandemic is still on. We need “me-time”; we need to decompress; we need time to wash our brains of stress; we need sunshine on our faces; we need to hear the birds; and we need to move our bodies as they were designed to be moved.


I’m a big fan of “feeding two birds with one seed”, and walking is a stellar way of accomplishing this. It’s nourishment for the mind, the body, and the soul all at once. For a bonus – we’re entering spring-time. It is a great time to commit to a walking ritual that will last through the colder months. Let’s do this?


Tell me, do you usually walk?

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