I am Hope

It Was Sudden

I’ve been living with lupus for almost a decade. Being an autoimmune patient has taught me so much about myself, as well as it has put me on my tiptoes. Today, I thrive to live my life to the fullest. 

Near my birthday in 2013, I was having a lot of pain, lots of rashes on my body and always tired no matter how much I was sleeping. I thought it was just too much stress, but I was wrong.

The diagnosis got me by surprise and it was a horrible moment. I felt I had lost everything. Nevertheless, I decided to look for answers, find new doctors, and learn more about the condition. I wanted to discover ways to adjust the heavy medication I was having to take. 

My life is not the same since 2013, but different does not mean bad. Though I cannot be cured, I choose to be healthy every single day. I have learned to listen to my body and be more mindful of my choices. 

I cannot work anymore. Stress is a flare trigger for me and can put me in bed for weeks. I am mindful of my diet, my rest, my exercise routine to control the chronic pain, and above all, I pay attention to my thoughts. 

I am more connected to life today than I was before my diagnosis. My priorities have changed, and so did I. Having Lupus as my companion has taught me to see life from a new angle, and appreciate my small accomplishments.

Although I am a lupus warrior for life, I fight to be healthier on a daily basis and inspire others. I persist because of me, but mostly because of my family. I believe if I can do this, YOU can do it, too.

What I Discovered Changed My Life

After reading many books, talking to several doctors and health practitioners, my journey took an amazing turn. I learned the importance of preventive care which includes taking care of my mind, body, and spirit. Western medicine is a great asset but only works on my symptoms. I needed more than that.

Lupus Was an Invitation to Love Me More

Lupus showed me the importance to listen to my emotions and learn more about my deepest feelings. It took me back to the outdoors, use food and nature as a medicine and pay more attention to the spiritual aspect of my life. Exercise is a magical remedy for my mind and for my body; loving myself makes it easier to love others, and having pleasure in every little aspect of my day is a step towards happiness.

Life Before and Now

Before changing my life aspirations to focus on the lupus cause, I worked for several years in the technology industry, holding different engineering, marketing, and leadership positions.

I am Brazilian and lived in Silicon Valley and in the UK. Now, the lovely state of Oregon is my home.

Finally, I leap into this upcoming life chapter with my best friend and husband, two handsome sons and my sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I’d Love to Connect With You

The best places to connect with me are in the comments section of my blog and Facebook. While I am not a ‘social media’ type of person, I fell in love with Instagram. That’s where I share much of my daily life and thoughts. On Pinterest, I consolidated tips and ideas in case you need some inspiration.

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Let’s engage in positive dialog with an optimistic mindset, and discover where it will take us. Let’s keep in touch!

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