Everything is Going to Be Okay

Can we be hopeful?

People say that setting challenges to ourselves can make us stronger. Amid COVID-19, controlling our minds is probably the hardest work we ever had. 

  • People keep saying ( including myself ). 
  • Be grateful, appreciate what you have – you are breathing!
  • Learn a new skill; you have more time now!
  • Be kind to yourself, you are your best doctor.
  • Find a way to help someone in need, the world needs you!
  • Meditate to keep calm and balanced.

But, how can someone do that when feeling overwhelmed or sad? People are being separated from friends and family, losing their jobs, getting sick, losing beloved ones – that is so hard! Seeing pain and despair is difficult, being in it, is even more.

Start From The Beginning

When crossing a turmoil such as this one, it is complicated to hold on to our happy mood unless we focus on what is doable today. And I mean it, keeping our five senses – here and now – paying attention only to the present moment.

There is no magic. When dealing with uncertainty, the lack of control can make us feel anxious and depressed, which poisons our minds and hearts. We are dragged into a rat hole and start to lose hope, and losing hope is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.

I Want to Pose a Challenge

Let’s give our souls a vitamin boost!

Find something beautiful around you and take a picture. If not at your home, walk to a park, look for a window, find in the photo book on your phone. Maybe it is a flower, scenery, your pet playing, kids making a mess, a beautiful dish, a smile, you choose it.

Post it on FB or IG, tag your friends, including myself ( IG: @LupusHope or Facebook: @LupusWithHope ). Invite them to find a sweet moment and share with others, including yourself and I. Let’s create a chain of happy moments, and share them! 

If anything, this invisible virus is teaching is to focus our attention on the essential things. Choose options that will make you and your friends smile, and go for it.

Choose to Have a Fantastic Day

It all starts with our intention. Ou mindset defines what we will see in our outer world, as what we see outside, it what we have inside. I talked a lot about that in previous blogs ( look for Project 20|20: Eyes on Me ).

That is so simple to realize. Check this out: when we want to buy a car, all you see on the street is the type of car we want. If you dream of having a baby, all you see is cute babies and pregnant women – everyone you know is pregnant, how crazy is that! That is why the saying of we always find what we are looking for is real. Look for what you want to have in your life, and you will find it.

While the new normal is not what we used to have on our past, we all going to be OKay. The human being is resilient and intelligent. We all learn (eventually) from our mistakes, and grow with them. We will find ways to adapt and continue to live in society no matter what. The human being is a social animal, and this is our biggest strength.

Let’s embrace this moment, being compassionate to ourselves – give yourself the benefit of experimenting with something new. There is nothing wrong with being frustrated, but we have an option to change the tone and swap the music we are playing in our minds. 

Yours truly,


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