What to expect for Halloween?

What to expect for Halloween?

Halloween is approaching, and the kids here at home are already starting to feel anxious about the date. But it won’t be this year that they will be able to go back trick or treating. Because of the new variants of Covid-19, the parents from our neighborhood decided not to let the children play. We are all afraid that the holiday can cause a spread in Covid-19 cases, mainly because the weather is already cold – another concern is flu and other viruses despite corona.


We are planning a small family party inside home, but the sweets will be sugar-free for me. Sugar is an inflammatory ingredient that can trigger and worsen lupus symptoms. For some years, I have already been avoiding it. So, without trick or treat and sugary sweets, what I can do to enjoy the holiday, besides having the best family time possible, is to take advantage of the astrology at the period.


Today, during the final days of Libra season, fall’s first full moon will rise in the bold sign of Aries, which puts a fire under our goals and asks our inner leaders to step up and shine. This October 2021 full moon is making some tense connections with several other planets, so try to go with the flow, avoid the drama, and let go of your need to be in control.


This lunation is commonly known as the Hunter’s Moon, and according to Farmer’s Almanac, its other nicknames include the Blood Moon and Sanguine Moon (both very apropos for Halloween time). If you want to get into the spooky season spirit, this is a gorgeous full moon to plan a release ritual and focus on making space for your heart’s true desires.


The sun enters Scorpio on Oct. 22 PT/Oct. 23 ET, which launches us into the deep and dark waters of Scorpio season 2021. Get ready to feel your feelings, embrace life’s mysteries, and seek spiritual transformation. At the time of the sun’s ingress, Scorpio’s traditional and modern rulers (Mars and Pluto) will be squaring off against one another, which could make this solar transition feel even more intense.


On Oct. 30, go-getter Mars also enters Scorpio, which brings the watery energy to a swell and inspires us to get a little stealthier and competitive about reaching our goals. Mars in Scorpio lights a fire of desire inside of our hearts and fixes our gaze on getting what we won’t — just be sure you don’t burn any bridges trying to reach your destination. Because Mars is the planet of sensuality, this transit could also heighten our libidos and make for a steamy end of the month.


We wrap up the month on a spooky yet mystical note, as Halloween shares a date with the pagan holiday Samhain — a celebration that’s sometimes referred to as the “Witches’ New Year.” It’s believed that during Samhain, the “veil” between the world of the living and the world of the dead has thinned, making it easier to communicate with spirits and explore realms beyond our own.


Long before Halloween, there was already Samhain, a Gaelic festival held on Nov. 1. The Irish believed that Nov. 1 was the day before the dead returned as ghosts. In hopes of keeping the spirits at bay, people would put food and wine on their doorsteps, and if they were headed outside of their homes, they would wear masks to blend in with the suspected ghosts.


In the eighth century, the Christian church changed Samhain into All Saints’ Day, which also became interchangeable with the name All Hallows Day. The night before All Hallows Day became known as All Hallows’ Eve, which was eventually turned into “Halloween.” Did you know that?


With or without trick or treat and sweets, with both the sun and Mars in the spiritual water sign Scorpio, it’s a great time to plan a witchy Halloween ritual indoor and embrace the seasonal magic.

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