Spirituality, Apps to meditate & My mantra´s playlist

Spirituality, Apps to meditate & My mantra´s playlist

I am not sure if there is any scientific proof that spirituality can make us happier, but I can speak about myself. The answer is “yes”.


I guess the magic trick here is that spiritual practice gives me hope, calms my mind, and works as a safe harbor when I am in distress. It works in the present moment and for what’s about to come.


By calming my mind with prayer and meditation, I can get out of the fight-or-flight cycle and decrease my anxiety level. In addition, by giving me hope, I feel more confident when looking towards the future and know things will get better.


I have experienced that scenario several times in the past few months. Between COVID-19, homeschooling, managing lupus, and cancer in the family, there were moments I felt absolutely overwhelmed.


I felt like I was drowning several times, and my spiritual practice was the secret sauce to bring me back to a safe place, a refuge.


If you want to experience some peace and calm, and clear your mind to think about any question without pressure and negativity (because I know these days it is inevitable), you can try to use meditation apps. They´re easy to find in your phone´s store. I personally indicate the apps “Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stres‪s” and “Focus: Meditation & Relaxation” that I already tried and enjoyed.


I also created a playlist of powerful mantras for cure and meditation. You can find it on my website!


I hope you enjoy it and feel better! I wish you all the best!

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