Step Up to Your Truth

Step Up to Your Truth

The last weeks of June have been pretty intense emotionally for myself and many of us. I could sense the vibration turmoil in the planet, the shift of energy brought by the Solstice, and another eclipse. The impact caused by all of the political, social, and economic environment.

I felt unbalanced and disconnected from my usual mental peaceful place. Suddenly I had an urge to go through a self-cure process, review who I am, and identify what makes me feel loved by nurturing my inner child. I saw myself looking for my meditation cave several times during the day to find peace within me.

Even though I may deny it to others and myself, the combination of lupus, social distancing, and COVID-19 makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to go to places, as I have seen many people starting to do. I am afraid of getting sick and bringing the virus to my beloved ones.

The pandemic has put all of us on our tiptoes. We have been forced to adapt and roll, adjusting to a new reality we don’t want to be. We miss what we took for granted, and we are learning to see the world with different eyes.

Life throws curve balls all the time, and now, we have been forcefully pushed to get our of our comfort zones. 

We are now living in extreme times and called to review our family and community beliefs, and drawn into a collective transformation for better values.


The world will be healed when we are all awake and become our true selves. But for that, we need to look inside our bucket of embarrassments, wins, and failures. It’s like opening a ‘Pandora’s box.’

Our inner essence is love, and as long as we remember that, we stop reacting and start acting mindfully to ourselves and others. 

Leaving our feelings untouched does not cure them. The only way to move on from them is to face each one fearlessly, and embrace what is, as well as who we are.

Many things are not seen with our physical eyes. Being mindful is seeing with our soul senses, and that can be only reached when we hit pause of our state of anxiety and fear feelings.

Our feelings do not define us; they are just a shot – a spot in a moment. And by looking at them and loving them, we start to grow. 

This new lifestyle brings me fear of the invisible, a dichotomy as I have always seen myself as brave and bold. 

I now miss being close to my dearest ones and enjoy places as I used to go, but this is a new reality. 

While I cannot control the pandemic and make it disappear, I decide how I react to what each day brings. What feel and what I think is all I have control.

I wish you the serenity to live these days of uncertainty, the courage to overcome difficulties, resilience to continue living your life with love, and hope in your heart.

Yours truly,


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference. – Reinhold Niebuhr

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  1. A vida e suas mudanças…Exigindo de nós, a cada dia, trabalho disciplinado para a necessária transformação …

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