Questions for Lupies

Questions for Lupies

As we are closing Purple May, a month dedicated to the awareness of inflammatory diseases, including lupus, I wanted to finish my series of posts about the condition.


Inspired by Sofia Silva Ribeiro, I decided to include some questions about what it means to have this autoimmune condition. Lupus has helped me become aware of who I am. Have you ever thought about what the disease means to you? You probably know the impact it has on your life but have you been able to accept it?


Write the answers and keep them for yourself, without judgment, and above all, with compassion:


  1. Imagine that you could materialize your illness. What form would it take? And color? And now, if you could stay close ahead with your condition, in the imagined shape and color, what would you do? Or would you say?
  2. If you could be holding hands with your “self” when you received the diagnosis, what would you say to help you?
  3. What would you miss in life if you let the disease win?
  4. What good things did autoimmune disease has brought to you?
  5. If in autoimmune diseases the body rejects itself, what part of you are you rejecting or denying?
  6. Why do you fight every day to win over this condition? What gives you purpose?


I know these questions are tough to answer; at least, they are for me.


Think about them, as they bring a lot of light into our self-awareness journey.

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