World Health Day reflection

World Health Day reflection

Today is World Health Day, a time to be grateful for our health, body, and wellness. Be thankful for the food, sanitation, and healthcare we have. Not everyone has access to them all.


Since I have been diagnosed with lupus, I became aware of my privilege of receiving satisfactory treatment and having access to great doctors and health insurance. But this is not the reality for every lupie.


Some of us can live healthier lives and manage our symptoms due to better access to health services, diet, and environmental conditions. It matters where one is born, grows, lives, and works.


Due to COVID, more people struggle to make ends meet with little or no daily income, inadequate shelter, harmful environmental conditions, poor safety, and lack of education.


This situation is preventable. That’s why we need to call on leaders to ensure that everyone has access to healthcare and we – lupies can feel safe during these critical times.


We can help change this situation and make the quality of life better for all peoples. How can you help?

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