What dietary factors are important in Autoimmune conditions?

What dietary factors are important in Autoimmune conditions?

A long-term study conducted at the Oslo Rheumatism Hospital showed that following some dietary principles can be “healing” in some individuals with Rheumatoid Arthritis and significantly reduce symptoms in others: eliminate food allergies, increase the intake of antioxidant nutrients, follow a vegetarian diet, and alter the intake of dietary fats and oils.

I have adopted some of these principles, and it has increased the quality of my life while living with lupus.

Foods that can usually aggravate autoimmune conditions are wheat, corn, milk, sugar, dairy products, red beef, nightshade family foods (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers), smoking, and drinking too much coffee. After isolating and eliminating my allergens, I have followed a diet rich in vegetables, red berries, nuts, fiber, very low sugar, white meat, and fish.

Several studies have shown that RA’s risk is highest among people with the lowest levels of dietary antioxidants. An excellent source of antioxidants includes flavonoid-rich berries. Carotenoids are other beneficial antioxidants found in yellow and green vegetables.

Vegetarian diets are often beneficial in treating inflammatory conditions like RA and Lupus as a result of decreasing the availability of arachidonic acid for conversion to inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotrienes; and because it has higher alkalinity than a meat-based diet. Nevertheless, I tried it, and because of my blood exams, I had to go back to eating white meat and fish.

Nutritional supplements can also be helpful, such as Vitamin D3+K, fish oil; probiotics; and curcumin.

Remember – it is critical to talk to your doctor before any dietary change or adding a new supplement. Our bodies are much more sensitive than the average person’s.

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