St. Patrick´s Day: tips to compensate for alcohol intake

St. Patrick´s Day: tips to compensate for alcohol intake


Did you know that alcohol contains about seven calories per gram, more than proteins and carbohydrates? So, the guidance I received as a lupus patient is to stop or limit drinks consumption, as the extra pounds can cause more inflammation.

But I know it is St Patrick’s Day, and drinking is part of almost everyone’s celebration. So, I have separated some tips for you not to harm (too much) your health or your diet:

1 Many people end up restricting the calories of their food to compensate for their alcohol intake. However, doing this increases the chance of eating more later. So don’t fast.

2 Intercalate a glass of water with each alcoholic drink to avoid dehydrating (so much) the body.

3 Start the day by making up for the excess calories in the drinks. For breakfast, go for wholemeal bread and white cheese and an “anti-hangover juice,” which contains a glass of coconut water, three pieces of pineapple, and five mint leaves: it is highly hydrating, helps replenish mineral salts, contains vitamin C -which improves the immune system and makes the body more resistant to infections, and relieves discomfort -since mint has an anesthetic function, reducing the feeling of hangover. The juice also helps the liver to eliminate toxins from the body.

4 To help your body recover faster, do not use salt or canned foods, such as corn, palm hearts, and olives. They increase fluid retention and will make the body struggle to excrete toxins.

5 Drink yogurt and probiotics. Drinking alcohol can damage the intestinal flora, and yogurt is rich in microorganisms beneficial to the microbiota.

6 Avoid fried foods, fatty and sweet foods, which will only overload the body, especially the liver, during digestion.

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