Lupus Foundation of America Launches Online Self-Management Program to Support People Living with Lupus

Lupus Foundation of America Launches Online Self-Management Program to Support People Living with Lupus


This is certainly good news!


On January 18th, the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) announced the launch of Strategies to Embrace Living with Lupus Fearlessly (SELF), a new online self-management program designed to help people with lupus build and enhance skills in four pillars of lupus self-management: managing symptoms, managing stress, managing medications and working with their healthcare team.


SELF is the first and only online self-management program tailored to the specific needs of a person living with lupus, and the LFA developed it with guidance from people with lupus, their doctors, behavior change scientists, and other experts.


The SELF program, accessible across all devices (smartphone, computer, and tablet), serves as a virtual coach, providing easy-to-use tools, trackers, information, support, and reminders to help individuals better manage lupus. During the onboarding process, users are asked questions about their lupus experience to tailor the SELF program to the individual’s needs.


Throughout the program, SELF users can decide what self-management skills to work on and when, and what tools to use based on their level of readiness to improve skills.


“In developing SELF, careful consideration and evaluation went into creating helpful tools, information, advice and support around four pillars of lupus management. No matter how long someone has been living with lupus, SELF can help them recognize and reduce symptoms and flares, cope with the stress of lupus and ultimately get the support they need when they want it.”


Some key features of the platform for people with lupus include:


  • SELF Activity Center. This activity portal provides access to resources, tools, and activities tailored to the user’s specific needs and can be completed at their own pace.
  • Symptom Tracker. Users can track and make notes about their symptoms daily, so that they can recognize patterns.
  • Medication Tracker. Users can keep track of all their medications in one place.
  • Journal. Users can take notes at doctor’s appointments, jot down questions to discuss at future appointments, or write about their mental and physical health.
  • SELF users can also connect with their peers in the lupus community and get their questions answered by the LFA’s health education specialists. Furthermore, users can opt-in to receive personalized text message tips and reminders.


SELF is free and available to people with lupus ages 18 years and over. Learn more about SELF and how to participate at


I am already taking a look at the app!


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