Immunobiological treatment for lupus: Is it effective?

Immunobiological treatment for lupus Is it effective?

Have you just received your lupus diagnosis or have a friend or family member that has? It is not happy news, I know… But it is not a death sentence! As time passes, the ongoing research permits more and more advances in the disease treatment. One of them has been the treatment using immunobioologicals.


Does it have good efficacy? Yes. Treatments with immunobiologicals have been shown to be effective for patients who suffer from lupus with or without kidney involvement (lupus nephritis – NL). In fact, “Benlysta is the first medicine approved to treat systemic lupus and adults with active lupus nephritis, an important treatment advance for patients with this incurable autoimmune disease.”


The FDA based its approval on results from the BLISS-LN trial, a phase 3, randomized, placebo-controlled, 104-week study which provided information on primary efficacy renal response. In total, 448 volunteers and 107 research centers participated.


The results showed that patients treated with biological therapy, associated with standard treatment, were 55% more likely to achieve this response when compared to the placebo group plus standard therapy.


You can talk to your doctor to discover if this kind of medication fits your treatment plan.

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