Do you know smoking decreases the effectiveness of lupus treatments?

Do you know smoking decreases the effectiveness of lupus treatments?

Did you know that there are three major categories of lupus erythematosus (LE)? Acute (A)CLE, subacute (S)CLE and cutaneous (C)CLE. As the Lupus Awareness month is coming soon, I thought it would be an important reminder of how smoking can increase our flares.


Smokers have more seropositive disease, more severe disease, and appear to be less likely to experience remission.


Smoking also increases the risk of SLE, cutaneous LE, and the development of anti-ds DNA antibodies.


I know quitting smoking is easier said than done. My family members tried for years to stop and had a few setbacks.


You may have started smoking because of different reasons, and that may have sound the right decision then. But now, lupus is a great reason to leave this habit behind.


Ask your doctor about strategies to be successful in this new journey.


Working together with your family or a pal, may give you an extra incentive and support. The more help you have, the easier it will be.


Smoking can interfere with your lupus treatment plan and medications. That matters!! So entrance the challenge and move to the next step!


Ease into the change:

– Take it one day at a time

– Remind yourself why quitting smoking is the right thing do

– Celebrate every small step!

– Share your success!

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