7 best essential oils for sleeping

7 best essential oils for sleeping
7 best essential oils for sleeping

Since I started suffering from lupus symptoms, I have been facing difficulties sleeping. After the pandemic, many of my friends and family members have also begun to complain about sleep disorders, such as insomnia.


Anxiety and fear can make all of us feel stressed and have difficulties falling asleep. But if you have an autoimmune disease, like me, it can be worse. Researches show that sleep disturbances are often seen in rheumatic diseases, including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).


Prevalence rates of sleep disorders in SLE patients ranged between 55% and 85%. It means that sleep disorders appear to occur in more than half of patients with SLE and appear to be associated with disease activity.


Pain and fatigue are also related to sleep disorders. Among the hypotheses on the possible mechanisms underlining the association between sleep disorders and SLE, psychosocial/psychological factors, especially depression, were the most frequently reported.


Good sleep habits are linked to various wellness goals: improved concentration, better organization and productivity, healthy body weight, better physical performance, heart, and brain health, increased immune function, and more. We also know that lack of sleep regularly worsens depression, impacts blood sugar, antagonizes inflammation, and affects our ability to participate in healthy social relationships.


What I usually try to do to sleep better, besides drinking relaxing teas, is using essential oils. There are several effective ways to use essential oils to help you sleep. Diffusers are a standard, excellent option, and others are homemade room sprays, linens sprays, and restful massage blends. I have also found DIY herbal dream pillows to be an amazing, gentle addition to a good night’s sleep.


But which are the best oils to help you sleep? Here´s the list:

1. Bergamot:

While other citrus oils are said to be energizing, bergamot stands out for its calming properties.


2. Clary Sage:

Is often used in meditative practices to release stress and promote calm and relaxation.


3. Ho Wood:

Similar to rosewood, but produced from the bark and twigs of Cinnamomum camphora, its warm, woody aroma is widely used in the most relaxing blends.


4. Lavender:

May be the best known “relaxation” herb on the planet.


5. Roman Chamomile:

It has a light scent with restful, wholesome notes of honey and apple that help you drift happily off to sleep.


6. Vetiver:

Brings long-lasting aroma and earthy, calming qualities to your bedtime routine. It is noted for supporting good breathing so your body can fully relax.


7. Sleep Blend:

You can scale this simple blend according to the directions for the diffuser you are using: 2 parts organic lavender essential oil + 2 parts ho wood essential oil + 1 part organic vetiver essential oil. This combination of organic essential oils has a dreamy floral softness and subdued green notes designed to foster a calming atmosphere and help you feel at ease.


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