3 Things I Saw In a Warrior

Lupus Warrior

Time, Kindness and Courage

This week, as I talked to one of my best friends, I kept thinking about the value of time and the importance of kindness.

While each one of us has 24 hours each day to spend, our choices on how to spend our hours can directly impact our wellbeing and happiness.

Maria is a wholehearted person. That type that I feel blessed to have in my life. She is caring, smart, funny, attentive, and focused. While being super busy combining motherhood, a career, and attending an MBA, she is always open to offer help.

When she decides to do something, she immediately puts her heart into it and gets things moving. She is a change agent who is always finding ways to make things better for herself and others.

She has been through a lot since she was a child. Family disruption in her childhood caused a lot of suffering. Money was short, dad was not present, cancer arrived in beloved ones. None of these stopped her.

By combining work and school, she was able to manage herself through one of the best universities in Brazil. Problems never stopped, but with her positiveness, she navigated through challenges and nailed each and every one of them.

Having a degree was the beginning of a new phase in her life, and she decided to explore a foreign country. Not knowing what exactly to expect, she jumped into the next step of her life as an au pair. This way, she could have international experience and learn English without spending too much money. Then, her new life began.


Is It Real?

Learning her story and observing how she evolved is an inspiration to me.

How many times do I waste my most valuable treasure -time- complaining or focusing on the losses instead of my assets?

I choose to focus on my desire for how things should be and lose track of what my current reality is. While the truth is all there is, I get angry and waste my time in the wrong way. What opportunities does life bring when adversity is present?

Loving something that is not part of my wish list is hard. It’s easy to fall into the trap of complaining, arguing, or even blaming others, even God. Nevertheless, the moment I do that, a couple of things happen:

  • I guess frustrated and angry.
  • Reality does not change just because I want it to.

So What Now?

I am learning that I cannot fight with the truth. Things are as they are, my unstable health is what it is. It doesn’t matter if I don’t like it. This is the truth.

I cannot change others, just myself. I can play the blame game, but it will end nowhere. Kindness is the only remedy to it. 

When I revert the mirror and look at my own flaws, my own health, the only way out of it is to accept them, even love them, so I can take them with me to the direction I want to go.

Moving On

Freedom and happiness come with a price. And the price is to accept others and life as they are. I am not talking about inertia, as there is no passive behavior here. It’s a continuous effort to be brave, and connect with our vulnerabilities and frustrations – practice patience with everything, one by one.

Do you want to be unstoppable? Then, spend our time wisely, apply compassion in everything, and continue to be persistent throughout challenges. 

Today can be day one, or one day. It’s our choice, as Paulo Coelho says.

Life is a journey. Let’s make every single day count.

Yours truly,



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