Persevere and Press On

Our differences enhance our power. Respect and dignity are everyone’s rights.

This week we witnessed inflammatory events across the country and in the world.

People from different races, cultures, and religions got together to raise voices for a fair and just society. Racism has been the elephant in the room, which all of us know exists; nevertheless, no one talks about a real solution. Black lives matter. We know the problem exists, but we still need to find an effective solution.

Empathy and Compassion

We cannot end our differences; at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. – John F. Kennedy

The experiences each one of us brings can make this world a better place. The more we travel and meet people, the more we learn about our similarities. We all want to have peace, find happiness, and take care of the ones we love.

As I watched the news this past week with my kids, I could see their surprise in how we – adults – cannot respect differences. They have attended a school with a great mix of cultures and backgrounds. Children from different countries, religions, and skin color are treated equally. They don’t know any other way; that is how they have been raised. They understand that we are all children of the same God, have the right to equality, and deserve the same respect.

Press On

Since the elephant in the room is still here, we need to talk about racism. Educate the new generations on what really matters: our moral values, not heritage or skin color.

Some pains are profound and invisible. Wounds can hurt forever, and the only medicine that genuinely heals is love.

I will never understand what people with darker skin go through. Even more, if they also have lupus. I want to listen, I want to learn, and I want to make a difference.


COVID-19, economic downturn, George Floyd’s death. A lot is going on, all at the same time. We are under a lot of emotional stress. It’s a unique moment in history. We may have weak knees and weary arms, but we can still lift each other with kind words, compassionate acts of love, and respect. The time is now; we can be bringers of change.

Because of lupus, I cannot attend the protests in Portland and walk with you for a more fair and just system, but I voice my opinion in my inner circle, community for more integrity, equality, and respect. I am sure my immune compromise brothers and sisters feel the same. Our hearts are with the millions of families who face prejudice and injustice, every single day.

Black Lives Matter

I know injustice and disillusion can cause bitterness, ingratitude hurts, and malice wounds. However, let’s not abandon the field of the heart. Let’s lift our hands and persevere together to build a better place for us and our kids. We can change this.

Let’s connect. We are more powerful together.

Yours truly,


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