Hannukah begins: a reflection about people

Different people
Hanukkah begins

Today Hanukkah begins. It is the celebration of miracles and light. Still, it is also a reminder of what it means to live together with different beliefs and practices.

During Hanukkah, we remember what Jewish people experienced 2,000 years ago when Antiochus, the Syrian kingdom ruler, ordered Jews to stop practicing their faith and instead worship idols. They celebrate the Maccabees who, after fleeing to the wilderness, fought back and reestablished Jewish life.

But this victory was short-lived. Throughout the centuries and in many countries, Jewish people have experienced religious persecution over and over again.

As we remember Jewish people’s struggle, we think of those who today are oppressed because of what they believe.

Many have become refugees, some literally fleeing for their lives looking for a better future for their families.

Even in our country, which positions itself as ‘the leader of the free world”, we see people showing prejudice and violence against each other because of different beliefs, races, or backgrounds.

This Hanukkah and during the holiday season, as the candles are lit, let’s commit to champion all peoples, respecting their religions, cultures, and opinions.

Let’s dedicate ourselves to one act of kindness and respect that will help ensure that everyone has the right to live in freedom and pride.


Source: https://www.hias.org/sites/default/files/front_of_hanukkah_card.pdf

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