What makes you proud of the woman you are?

What makes you proud of the woman you are?

This is a message translated from an Instagram post of Ana Furtado, a Brazilian TV host. I found it very inspiring. Please read it and tell me how you feel…


Be you. Be the woman you manage to be one day at a time. With all your virtues and imperfections. With everything that makes you you.


Your uniqueness, your strength, your determination, your weaknesses, your fears, and your dreams.


All of this makes you unique and deserving of your every achievement. Recognize your accomplishments and your history. Be proud of yourself!


Allow yourself to say no. Don’t accept little. Do not accept being told what to do or what to dream about. Don’t prolong what doesn’t do you good.


Allow yourself to look at yourself with more affection and dance life to the rhythm that makes you happiest. Liking what you are, not what was or what will be.


It is not a simple or linear process. But when we are tired, we know that it is possible to find strength in others of us.


So we strengthen ourselves to move forward. Together we are always more powerful.


I am here for you. Let’s face this life together?

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