Mother´s Day 2021 message

Mother´s Day

For many people, wealth, power, and beauty are their primary goals. Living in Silicon Valley showed me the power of money with so many successful start-ups. There is a lot of attention to what you have and who you know – the latest electronic device, the fastest car, and which neighborhood you live in.


This is part of living in a material world. We tend to show off what we want people to see rather than who we are and what we go through. Nevertheless, the newest car, purse, and shoes will be old in about one year, maybe less. That is the power of time. All the ‘stuff,’ including our bodies, get old.


While I am not advocating to start sharing all our daily challenges with strangers, I believe we should open up with those who care and are invested in our wellbeing. Usually, they are our friends and family. In my case, they are also my sons.


Living with a chronic disease made my view of life change forever. For the better, I guess. I achieved what is labeled a successful career in Silicon Valley, but it was not enough to keep my health in place. Working long hours affected my ability to invest in friendships, my health, exercise, and spend time with my kids. I paid a high price for my professional dreams.


I guess we all get a wakeup call at some point in life. It can be a disappointment, a broken marriage, a significant loss, such as a beloved one, or our health – mental and physical. And that’s when our greatest asset and opportunity pop up.


In my dictionary, my hugest asset is my family and friends who are present, hold my hand, and help me move forward when life shuts a door on my face. Even my children, who are both so young and yet so mature. I am grateful to be blessed with two sons like this.


It is a fact: sixteen thousand people are diagnosed with lupus every year in the United States. Five million worldwide. Ninety percent are women between 15-44 years old. Daughters, wives, and, especially today, I want to mention mothers that can have their dreams torn apart and families that don’t understand what is happening and don’t know how to help.


Lupus is a life-changing condition for many – directly and indirectly. But together, we can all help change this story.


I invite you to hug your children, your mother, and the family member close to you today, show them how much you care and appreciate them. Gratitude is the first step to happiness. And I am genuinely grateful for my kids. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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