Earth Hour tomorrow

Earth Hour tomorrow


Tomorrow we will present the Earth Hour. And 2021 is a special year for that.


Over the years, the lights-off moment saw entire streets, buildings, landmarks, and city skylines go dark – an unmissable sight that drew public attention to nature loss and the climate crisis.


This year – amidst the current global circumstances – we are invited to raise awareness and create the same unmissable sight online so that the world sees our planet, the issues we face, and our place within it in a new light.


Tomorrow night, let’s check the video at @earthhourofficial and reflect on how pollution, deforestation, global warming, misuse of water, burnings, illegal hunting, wild animal trafficking, overuse of fossil fuels, non-renewable energy production, and many other problems impact our lives.


I often post how contact with nature can be healing, especially in times of stress and depression. Looking at a beautiful landscape can work real miracles in our minds. But we also need to consider nature in the broad spectrum. Not the impact it has in our day-to-day lives, but in all humankind and other living-beings. Our planet needs our support.


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