Happy Easter

Easter and Lupus

Happy Easter

Easter, for me, is a terrific symbol – it means rebirth, a chance to renew my behavior, and above all, it fills me with hope for new beginnings! 

Celebrating Easter is a reminder of what Jesus said and lived – Love. The type of Love with no discrimination of any people. He helped all the men and women who approached him with compassion and without judgment. 

That is the sort of Love our world needs today, which heals all traumas and fills our hearts with joy. 

Easter Time

Easter is not about cute bunnies, candy, and chocolate, but many of us forget about that. Marketing and media fill our eyes with lots of colorful eggs and fairy stories, undermining this holiday’s real meaning. 

While COVID has allowed us to look within and evaluate our values, beliefs, and habits, this week is an excellent opportunity to look inside ourselves and see what we are doing about our choices and lives.

We are all here for a reason, to learn something. So, have you ever thought about what life is trying to teach you? Is it patience, compassion, forgiveness, or something else? How are you making a difference in people’s lives? Do you want to change anything?

When we stop to look at ourselves, we have an opportunity to identify the blessings we have. We connect with our higher conscience and use a fresh eye to examine where and who we are. 

In a meditative state, we do that by staying present in the moment, as an observer, just letting our thoughts and emotions flow with no judgment.

What is Love?

Love is more than a simple 4-letter word. It is beyond the passion that gives us butterflies in the stomach with we meet our soulmate. Love is life.

It is a state of consciousness that can alter all of our actions for the better. It manifests itself first in our thoughts, our inner talk, and the way we treat others. It gives us peace and balance even when we are in the middle of a storm. 

What Jesus showed us is that unconditional Love can free us from unnecessary suffering and connect us with God’s infinite source of happiness. This feeling begins with ourselves, and then it magically spreads to others around us.

Hope and Happiness 

Every time I leave my hopes to be someone else’s responsibility, I face a good chance of disappointment. People around me are imperfect as I am and are unlikely to fulfill my needs. I own my own happiness and have to work hard for that. I am responsible for my well-being and emotional health.

This weekend, let’s enjoy the cute colorful gifts and chocolate eggs, but remembering the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is to show up with no judgment and share the love.

Happy Easter!

Yours truly,



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