Do You Know Who You Really Are?

At school, we’ve met at least one kid who has a super mind. Some people are born with bright brains that can easily navigate through every subject they face.

These people can learn and use their academic knowledge as needed. Still, in life, they are not necessarily successful and happy. Why is that? Because academic intelligence is different from emotional intelligence.

People rarely learn to get to know themselves at school and look through their weaknesses as an opportunity. No school subject explains how to deal with our fears and frustrations. Very few of us have had teachers who’ve taught us how to use kindness and gratitude in their day-to-day activities when dealing with our failures or others.

Who Are You? Nice to Meet You!

We live every day of our lives in a crazy routine with the sense that there is more to be done that we can ever accomplish. As many of us feel, we have the impression that we are highjacked from a vital experience – meeting the most important person we will ever meet – the only one that will be with us until the last day of our life: our-own-selves.

We live years without evaluating our choices, our habits, what makes us happy – or not. We follow the latest fashion, the diet of the week, our parents’ preferences, or beliefs, or our friends’ ideas. But is that true to our real self?

My Last Week In Review

A couple of weeks ago, during my birthday, I shared on my blog How do you celebrate life? that I had a lousy lupus flare, and due to my shortness of breath, my doctor decided to test me for COVID-19.

For a few days, I had to stop and be still, a luxury that I have not had in a long time. Being alone allowed me to talk to my younger self and tune-up my priorities and goals.

It was hard to start a one-on-one conversation with myself. I had to face my shadows, my fragility, my losses, my fears. All alone. But it also meant recognizing my wins, my courage, and finding new values.

End of Year Soul Clean Up

I know we have a few more weeks until the end of the year. Still, maybe, we can use this unusual Thanksgiving week to stop to evaluate where we are after almost a whole year of COVID-19.

We have looked at the mirror every day to brush our teeth, check our hair, or choose our clothes. What about looking at our soul mirror that shows the beauty of our flaws? What about be quiet and take a look at our real selves with no social makeup or disguise?

Our flaws are beautiful. Why? Because we are unique! By knowing them, we can build new strengths that we didn’t realize we had!.

Ego Trip

I got surprised to see what I thought to be necessary for my happiness was not so relevant anymore.

Without my soul meeting, I would have continued to hold my past belief of what I wanted for me and for my life.

I have been mourning about my bad flares for the past few years and how lupus stole the identity that l built for the past 20 years. I was convinced that the best part of my life was behind, and I would not be able to get it back because of my health.

Guess what, nothing has changed – my situation is the same, my health still has its challenges. Nevertheless, I found out in the ‘ego mirror’ that I, my dreams, identity, and the things I care about, have all changed.

Yours truly,


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