Building New Habits

Building new habits

A new year brings the opportunity for new beginnings. We have the chance to start over, with renewed energy, and try to be an even better version of ourselves. Take our dreams out of the paper, and start living the best life possible.

A new year often starts with a new list of resolutions. Still, I know it is easier to write than take action, mostly during this pandemic, which has thrown all of us under the bus.

For many people, days are spent on things that have to be done but don’t give much pleasure.

We all need to comfort our souls. Some people eat, others exercise, or buy new clothes. The point is: are we being conscious about our decision and happy with it, or get more disappointed after it?

As I build my new habits, it is essential to choose the ones that will make me feel better, stronger, and healthier in the long run. We are in a COVID marathon now. Try to select options that feed into life values and dreams. Choices that align with body and mind health goals because we need to be healthy and resilient!

First of all, identify an emotion or a situation that triggered the habit you want to get rid of.

Second, purposely change the old habit for choices that will help you achieve what you are looking for but are healthier or better in the long term.

Third, give yourself credit after you complete your new habit and choose a reward that benefits you in the long run.

It takes about 3 weeks to create a new habit and 3 months to incorporate it as a new lifestyle. Besides, willingness and action, discipline, and persistence are essential. So, build your daily schedule and include the new habit in your routine.


One thought on “Building New Habits

  1. Quero trabalhar mais valores éticos…exemplo- não criticar… O terreno dos hábitos morais é bem mais difícil que os materiais…
    Você disse 3 meses para ver resultados? Hei de vencer!

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