Acts of Kindness to Start the Year

Acts of kindness


A new year brings new opportunities to think, be grateful, and demonstrate our love and affection to the people we cherish. 


How about starting the year not only putting your list of resolutions but also an “acts of kindness list” into action? I will give you some ideas:


1 Call a relative to say you are thinking of them and ask about their holidays’ parties;

2 Help a family member with a household chore;

3 Write down three people you were grateful for in the past year, then tell them why;

4 Give a compliment to three different people in one day;

5 Donate items to a clothing, canned food, or toy drive (or to another charitable cause of your choice);

6 Leave a treat or a thank you note for delivery drivers;

7 Write encouraging sidewalk chalk messages for your community to enjoy;

8 Make love letters and mail them to a local nursing home;

9 Leave a nice note complimenting someone’s holiday decorations;

10 Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself three things you like about you;

11 Plant something;

12 Give someone a unique handmade gift;

13 Learn something new and then share with a friend or family member;

14 Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while to say hello;

15 Make treats or thank you cards to give to your local fire or police station.

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