Fatherhood and Prioritizing

Fatherhood and Prioritizing


My husband and I have been married for 21 years. So much has happened since I said yes. We lived and worked in 3 different countries, had two amazing boys, faced the loss of our dads while living in another continent, built impressive international careers, and battled cancer and lupus…


Life has not always been a piece of cake, but it has been lived with love every single day. And how did we manage to accomplish that? Setting priorities.


Besides the marriage, my husband has always been a great dad. He always prioritized family above all and has found time for the boys and me constantly. I couldn’t have asked for a better father to my sons.


If you think you need to set different priorities in your life, as we did, you could try these tips:


1 Sometimes, I wake up with an infinite list of things I want to do. Guess what: I rarely can finish all of them and immediately get frustrated. So, being reasonable and prioritizing what is essential for me is key to my well-being and happiness. My health has to win. Also, we separate times during the day or night to be together as a family. Put it into the list!


2 Make time to take a deep breath and reset your positivity. Our state of mind creates the reality we live in. Science has confirmed that having an optimistic attitude is an effective medication. It’s hard to believe things will improve, but imagine in your mind that tomorrow will be better than today. Look for a handful of small things you are grateful for: a yummy dish, a friend, a warm blanket, a hot bath, or a family dinner!


3 Plan nurturing breaks during the day to do an activity that gives you pleasure. I love learning, so reading a good book is one of my favorite go-to things. When I am too tired, I read an inspirational page, listen to an audiobook, or my favorite playlist. There are great options out there to take our minds to a better place.


4 Do not ignore how you feel and share that emotion with your family before you have a breakdown. It’s OK to have a bad day – or a few in a row. Take time to breathe and click the reset button when you have to. Breathing is such a fantastic tool to realign our minds to our bodies and bring us to the present moment. Living a life that includes work, husband, kids, and taking care of a home is overwhelming even for people who are 100% healthy.


5 Have the energy to try something new? If so, grab this opportunity with both hands.

Set a limit for your screen time. Turn off your social media life for a few days. Spending too much time looking at your portable devices and social media sites is not healthy for us. It can be stressful and make us feel more lonely and depressed. Instead, look for ways to find positive energy in the present world. Connect with people that make you feel good and enjoy Nature’s beauty – like your husband and kids!


Additionally, I would like to thank my husband for being such an amazing dad for our boys. Happy Father’s Day!

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