When you feel… Try…

When you feel… Try…

I read this message on Eora Brazil´s Instagram and felt the impulse to share it with you. It certainly helped me feel better:


WHEN YOU FEEL SAD, try sitting down, pat your legs. It will remind you of your heartbeat.

WHEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING, light a candle or incense. The clarity will reach your soul.

WHEN FEELING FEAR, get in touch with nature, close your eyes, and you will receive the tranquility that emanates from its essence.

WHEN FEELING ATTACHMENT, tell it to the fire. It is a master at transmuting states.

WHEN YOU FEEL STAGNANT, talk to your water sister. She knows movements, flows, and doesn’t cling to anything.

WHEN YOUR THOUGHTS DON’T STOP, pay attention to your breath. It will bring you back to the present moment.

WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR CONNECTION, talk to yourself, with your Higher Self. It will remind you where you come from.

WHEN YOU FEEL WISHING THE END, talk to the earth. It knows about rebirths.

WHENEVER YOU FEEL ALONE, remember that in your body, millions of cells work day and night for your well-being!


But remember: we are all one, connected in one energy! Always live your best version!



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