Lupus and Covid-19 vaccines

Lupus and Covid-19 vaccines

Since we are all being vaccinated against Covid-19, many doubts have emerged concerning lupus patients: do they receive different recommendations from the general population?


First of all, there is no evidence that people with lupus should not receive the vaccine. According to the CDC, there is no reason to think that taking a vaccine that uses mRNA will result in an inflammatory response (flare) for a person with lupus or other autoimmune diseases.


The American College of Rheumatology COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Guidance recommends that people with an autoimmune and inflammatory rheumatic disease (including lupus) get the vaccine unless they have an allergy to an ingredient in the vaccine. There is strong evidence from the clinical trials that taking the vaccine significantly reduces the chance that a person will get COVID-19, a severe or sometimes fatal illness. We will have more information as more research studies are conducted and analyzed over time.


In general, lupus medications will not affect how the vaccine works. Please check with your doctor about how the vaccine fits into your treatment plan. In some cases, particularly for those who take powerful immunosuppressant drugs, your doctor may have special instructions for you so that you can get the most significant possible benefit from the vaccine.


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