I have Covid. What´s next?

I have Covid. What´s next?

In Brazil, where my whole family is, the pandemic is going wild. Therefore, I decided to write this post. I know a couple of people there who got COVID twice, and the second round was worse than the first.

If you tested positive, keep calm! I understand it is easier said than done, but as Covid is a virus that mainly affects the respiratory tract, it may aggravate the symptoms if you go into despair.

Besides that,

  1. Be responsible, and at the first sign of a symptom, isolate yourself immediately;
  2. Get ready to work your mental state. It will be days of diving in and when you will need yourself more than ever;
  3. Rest. And it’s not just lying around. Rest your mind, disconnect from the news;
  4. Avoid excessive information! Everyone has the best intentions, but the truth is that this virus manifests itself differently in people, and what served for one may not be for you.
  5. Find a doctor that you trust and follow the treatment recommended by him or her to the letter;
  6. Eat well and according to your appetite. If you’re not hungry, respect it. Your body knows what it needs. Focus on the consumption of cooked food, fruits with spices, teas or other warm liquids, lots of food from the land, kitchari (an ayurvedic recipe that helps to cure almost everything);
  7. Stay calm. You can follow Spotify-guided meditations and see suggestions for pranayama practices on youtube;
  8. Essential oils are excellent for stimulating the sense of smell, which usually goes away. Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Lavender are excellent choices for a diffuser. Choose trusted, organic brands when possible.
  9. Drink lots of water, natural coconut water, and teas throughout the day;
  10. Watch silly movies, listen to music, read, talk to friends – simple things help a lot;
  11. Seek a nutritionist’s help to help you with: anti-inflammatory diet and supplements – our diet helps reduce fatigue and inflammation and must be done individually, according to each case!
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