I had Covid. Now I am having my SECOND booster

I had Covid. Now I am having my SECOND booster

As you probably know, I tested Covid-19 positive on New Year’s Eve. The four of us had it, but luckily our symptoms were far from severe.


With lupus, it’s hard to say if you are sick or not – lupies feel regularly tired, with body pain, headache, and sometimes have a fever. I guess people with COVID are having a taste of what lupus looks like (even the medications are similar!).


Now, I think it’s time to start the conversation about lupus and COVID-19. If you have lupus and begin having some unusual symptoms, talk to your doctor in the beginning. In my case, it was a scratchy throat that would not get better or worse; not a lot of pain, but just a strange feeling.


Until we got there to visit my family, the pandemic in Brazil was under control. But as soon as the Omicron variant arrived in the country, it spread fast.


The emotional tool was intense for me. I was facing my biggest two fears: seeing my beloved ones sick and then myself – it was pretty darn scary. It felt surreal for a moment, and I am not even talking about having to cancel flights and postpone our family get-together. COVID brings a heavyweight with it, and I felt the tool.


I did my quarantine in Brazil and got back home just a few days ago. Here in Portland, the situation is not under control as well.


After my diagnosis, there were a few things I had to manage in terms of medications according to my doctor’s guidance.


First, I stopped Benlysta immediately, so my body could defend me against the virus.


Second, my general doctor also asked me to pro-actively start antibiotics, as my lungs are always the first organ to go down for me every time I get sick. The last thing I wanted was to be hospitalized in Brazil.


Interestingly enough, starting antibiotics was not a standard agreement among the three specialists I talked to. Nevertheless, I decided to start the Zithromax pack, as it has done wonders to me in the past. My lungs were beginning to feel different.


Like many other lupus patients, I take prednisone daily. So, another recommendation was to pump up the dose (yikes). Interestingly, I am still off my Benlysta (YAY!) and have no dramatic symptoms from lupus. I guess the forced rest did good to me, besides the healthy eating and the tons of Ayurvedic herbs I took to keep me going.


My youngest son and I had direct contact with someone who tested positive, and we didn’t fall sick. According to my doctor, it seems we are immune for at least 90 days. Let’s hope it is even more. I am also thankful the government is providing free tests. That is an extra precaution.


The Omicron variant has led to a heightened push for booster shots around the entire US, with more ages becoming eligible and some groups now able to get their extra dose sooner than others. We are so lucky to have that available to us. This is not the rule in Latin America.


If you are immune-compromised, like me, you can already get a second booster (a fourth shot). I am taking mine as soon as my doctor allows it. It seems I will be COVID immune for about 90 days, but who knows. I plan to take my 4th shot in February.


Pfizer said last month that a booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine might offer significant protection against the new omicron variant. That’s a relief, and right now, this wave does not seem to have an end.


My take on this. COVID was EXTREMELY scary. Me being potentially hospitalized overseas made it even worse.


Let’s take our shots, wear N95 masks and continue taking other prevention measures, shall we?


I hope you all stay safe. Be well!

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