How Different Strains of COVID-19 Might Affect the Vaccine

How Different Strains of COVID-19 Might Affect the Vaccine

Like me, you’ve probably read a lot about new strains of the coronavirus cruising around the world these days, from Brazil to South Africa, and felt anxious and worried. You’ve probably also heard a lot of hand-wringing over the possibility that these mutations may make our vaccines moot just as we’re finally starting to ramp up vaccination programs.


But scientists argue that they don’t have enough data yet to know how these new variants will affect us, period. “Neither increased transmissibility nor fatality of the new virus variants has been proven,” says Theodora Hatziioannou, Ph.D.


Since the only time the virus can mutate and produce new variants is when it infects a person, the only way to stop it is to reduce transmissions.


That means it’s critical for all of us to continue masking and social distancing, even if we’ve already got the vaccine. I know it is painful, annoying, and uncomfortable, but that’s a safe way to beat the pandemic that all of us can do.

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