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Family in Thanksgiving

Today is one of the most awaited days of the year!

While some things we all wish could be different, life brings little blessings every day, to which we need to pay more attention.

I know many of us cannot celebrate with our family and friends due to COVID-19. Safety and health come first this year.

Today reminds us to appreciate more those who always support us and help us become better people. Life moves fast, and time is the most valuable asset we have. We will never regret loving each other and doing our best.

Thanksgiving is about loving and sharing. It is an opportunity to see and talk with people we grew up with, give, and receive affection – even if it has to be virtual! It is a reminder of why we were born in the group we are in, which helped shape us into who we are.

I love my family and friends and often choose to spend time with a few people who bring joy into my life. They share my smiles, give me a helping hand, make me laugh, and show I am loved. It is time to say thank you, even though this year I cannot be physically close to all of them.

I plan to surprise people with a list of three things that made me feel stronger and loved. Pay it forward, telling them how important they are in my journey of self-awareness and personal growth. I want each one of them to feel cherished and appreciated, knowing my life is better because of them.

If there are people you are grateful for, attending, or not your Thanksgiving gathering, you have a chance to pick up the phone and reach out to them. Please do it!

Gratitude has changed my mindset and connection with all the blessings around me. Knowing when and how to give is as important as being grateful when receiving.  This is a special day, enjoy it.

I wish you a wonderful thanksgiving!

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