National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day


As today is National Cancer Survivors Day, I am here to write about gratitude. Last year I posted a series of blogs about my best friend having cancer. On top of the pandemic stress and uncertainty, we also had this disease to deal with.


But, finally, last October, As I drove my friend to her weekly cancer treatment, I heard her saying several times how grateful she was for the experience she had and how blessed she felt to be healthy after the tumor removal. She was learning new skills in the middle of her suffering.


She was not focusing on her 12-inch incision or the pain of not sitting or walking well. Her focus was on the blessing of having state-of-the-art science and medical experience available.


As I listen to her thought process, I realized how our choices facing life’s challenges could define our happiness level and mental health, no matter what we are going through.


My friend took the time to rethink her life and focus even more on her health. She prioritized the important things and left behind what was urgent. She learned how fragile her life is and how quickly her health can become jeopardized.


But how can the present moment make one happy when going through weekly cancer treatments? The same works for us lupies, facing uncertainty and the reality of how we cannot control our bodies.


Here are some ideas:


1 Invest in good relationships, the ones where you give and receive love!

2 Start eating more healthy and clean; it will make you feel better and stronger

3 Go for a daily walk, and if you can, include an exercise routine


I am learning through her eyes that happiness lives on small things. Tiny everyday blessings that we should be grateful for can be easily missed if we don’t pay attention. We need to show passion for our life, and gratitude is the way.


And I couldn’t be more grateful for her teachings, and primarily for her still being here. She is a cancer survivor, and I am the happiest friend.

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