Why do we label it?


Why do we label it?

Have you ever thought why we tend to label things, as good or bad?

For me, it goes from organizing my office and home to situations, memories, and people.

While I was practicing the joy of living meditation, I realized a few interesting things.

First of all, how I was compartmentalizing positive and negative experiences, mostly when it involves living with lupus. Secondly, even though the pleasant experiences were far more significant in number, the painful ones had a stronger effect on me. Lastly, the importance of moving and adjusting the labels to live better.

Each one of us sees the world with specific eyes. The similar situation experienced by two different people is described in a completely different manner. Why?

As I was going through the gratitude piece, I noticed that my perception of good and evil would change depending on the focus I was putting it to.

A difficult person in my life brings me anxiety, frustration, and sadness. On the other side, that same person can awake my many hidden positive and negative feelings. With that, I choose whether the experience is teaching me how to be more accepting or feel miserable by taking it personally.

While it’s hard to do not take things personally, it’s critical a wise behavior be able to live happier. And to have joy, we need to take care of our body and soul.

With our internal wounds, concerns, daily stress, it becomes hard to separate the emotions, and more often than I think, I either magnify or diminish a given issue. It all depends on my state of mind, how I am feeling physically and emotionally.

How many times, I create stories in my head, that really does not make sense? Suddenly, my imagination becomes a reality.

Yes, some days it’s easier to bounce back, but the level of harm I can make to myself by sweating on small stuff is pretty tangible. It can start from pure heartburn, and leave me in a bed by the end of the day.

Wisely selecting what emotions, we should carry, can make life much more relaxed and lighter. So, after my meditation, I started to ask a few questions:

– What is coming from another person does really pertain to me?
– Is it true? If so, am I able to do anything about it?
– What is available to me now to get into a better mental state?

I guess paying attention to my reaction to situations as well as what is behind people’s behavior, can work as preventive care for my health.

I can be more aware of what type of hurdles I have inside and diminish unnecessary suffering and pain. On the other hand, I can use compassion with people that may have hurt me, being sure they are not in a functional mental space.

Living is an art. We can create a reality in the blink of a second, and it can go both ways. Loving ourselves is the remedy, and it all starts with our thoughts.

How are you labeling your feelings today?

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